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Microsoft Says Goodbye to Hotmail as they Launch New Version of Outlook

Microsoft has been having users try out their all new “Outlook.com” web-based email in preview mode for the past six months, and now they say it is time to transition away from Hotmail and begin to use the full version of Outlook.

Reports from users say that the totally revamped version of Outlook performed great, and users love to use it. With such rave reviews Microsoft says it’s ready to finish the testing phase and go to the permanent phase of the transition from Hotmail.

According to the director of product management at Microsoft, Dharmesh Mehta, the hundreds of millions of Hotmail users will be using Outlook by this coming summer. When the transition is completed Outlook will be among the largest of free email services in use.

“It’s a pretty massive bet we’ve made that Outlook.com is a great choice,” Mehta said.

Mehta reassured users that their settings, contacts, messages and more would remain the same after they’ve switched to Outlook. Furthermore, people will still be able to contact users using their old Hotmail address.

In addition Microsoft announced that the latest version of Outlook.com has already reached about 60 million active users during the six month trial period. The giant software company says that this data is evidence that Outlook is the fastest growing email service in history.

Consumers can expect to see ads for Microsoft’s Outlook.com, as they are planning on launching a huge ad campaign in print, TV and online media outlets.