Equinox Launches $40K Longevity Program

Equinox, the high-end fitness chain, is making a bold move into the longevity and wellness market with the launch of “Optimize by Equinox”. At $40,000 a year, Optimize is one of the most expensive health programs in the world. In partnership with lab testing startup Function Health, this program represents a paradigm shift in the quest to slow aging and increase vitality.

The program starts with comprehensive diagnostic testing of 100 biomarkers, covering everything from heart, liver, and kidney health to metabolic function, immunity, cancer markers, and nutrient levels. Equinox then conducts advanced fitness assessments like VO2 max, strength, and mobility. This data is used to create a personalized plan for each member.

Central to Optimize is a dedicated “pit crew” for each participant, including top-tier personal trainers, nutrition coaches, sleep experts, and massage therapists. Members receive 16 hours per month of coaching across three weekly personal training sessions, twice-monthly nutrition and sleep consultations, and monthly massage therapy.

The program’s pricing of $3,000 per month, plus an Equinox membership fee, firmly targets the ultra-wealthy demographic. It launches first in New York City and Highland Park, Texas before a planned nationwide rollout to Equinox’s elite “E Clubs.”

The move allows Equinox to capitalize on the convergence of fitness, nutrition, and biotech while expanding beyond its traditional gym business into preventative health and longevity services for affluent customers. Function Health’s co-founder views it as closing “the loop” to enable people to live 100 healthy years through data-driven daily practices.


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