A Strong Company Becomes Stronger

Reed Elsevier plc (RUK) is a global leader in providing technical, medical, scientific and business information services and products. Elsevier has published approximately 20,000 books and publishes about 2,000 journals on an ongoing basis. Elsevier has just announced that they have just connected their science articles with SciVerse Science Direct and Datasets in the EarthChem Portal. EarthChem is a portal that facilitates locating a constorium of databases related to earth science. This joining of forces will enable scientists to locate more information and new research in a shorter time and will speed scientific progress.

RUK has a market capitalization of $10.49 billion. The stock is selling at $35.56 which is above both the 200-day moving average of 34.39 and the 50-day moving average of 33.56. Due to market conditions the stock took a dip down to $30 in August and remained down for 2 months until the end of September. In the last month the stock has climbed to the highs where it was 6 months ago around $35.93. In addition to share price the stock also pays a dividend which yields about 3.92%. The stock has a 32% return on Equity. With such an ROE and dividend I can see why this stock is able to hold its own in this troubles market.

Some of the leading managers are: Erik Engstrom; Adrian Hennah;  Marike van Lier Lels; Tom Ogburn; Anthony Habgood; David Reid;  Ben van der Veer; and Mark Armour.

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