Acco Brands Corporations Moving UP

Acco Brands Corporation (ABD) announced improved third quarter earnings. Sales rose 6% (yoy) and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) grew 16% and EPS rose by 60% to $0.24. ACCO has repurchased bonds thereby lowering debts by $50 million.

Acco sells office products and computer equipment in the Americas, Europe, Australia and the Asia-Pacific countries. It sells its products under the following brand names: Eastligh; Quartet; Derwent; Rexel, Acco; Swingline; NOBO; and Wilson Jones. Notice that there are eight brand names here for the same company. It gives consumers the choice of many different brands all of which produce profit for Acco.

Acco sells its products to office product retail chains, commercial contract stationers, wholesalers, independent retailers, internet and mail order catalogs, etc. In other words, the company is making the most of their marketing. They are using multiple marketing channels to sell their stationary and computer products.

From May 2011 to October the Acco stock price dropped from $9.89 to $4.46 or approximately 50%. After a good second quarter and an even better third quarter the stock has risen to $7.16 per share and will probably continue to rise.

Some of the management staff are: Richard Nelson; David L. Kaput; Thomas W. Tedford; Thomas H. Shortt; Christopher Franey and Boris Elisman.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. All investment decisions should be made only after a thorough analysis of all of the relevant factors.

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