ConAgra, Food for Investment Thought

ConAgra Foods, Inc. is a food company with both a Consumer Foods segment and a Commercial Foods segment.  The Consumer Foods segment manufactures, private label, brand name and customized foods. It has 22 brands including Alexia, Wesson, Act II, Van Camps, Blue bonnet, Swiss Mix, Healthy Choice, Snack Pack, Hebrew National, Peter Pan, Slim Jim, Pam, Hunts, etc. The Commercial Food segment supplies food manufacturers, food services and industrial customers. ConAgra is a fortune 500 company which already says a lot.

One of the recent developments in the peanut butter market was due to an unusually poor peanut harvest this year. ConAgra will raise the price of its Peter Pan Peanut butter by 20%. Kraft will be raising the price of its Planters peanut butter by 40%. This may affect sales for better because ConAgra is raising its prices less than other manufacturers.

Some of the moving personalities at ConAgra foods are: Nicole Theophilus, André Hawaux,  John Gehring,  Ryan Scott , Al Bolles, Colleen Batcheler.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is of a general nature. All investment decisions should be based on a thorough analysis of the investment

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