What if Technology Could Cure the Healthcare System?

The healthcare system in America has – for way too many years – exceeded its GDP.  Currently it has gone over by a staggering 18 percent.  Such financial distress on the system results in all kinds of problems, many of which were seen during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

Mozes Konig believes in making substantial investments – via technology – in the healthcare industry as that could result in some relief.  “Given that whatever healthcare financial mess America is in has a trickle down effect globally, it is high time the issue was dealt with,” he said.

Healthcare in America is indeed a business, being the nation’s largest employer. But it is oppressively expensive and thus needs to be transformed into a marketplace not dissimilar to how Amazon is set up. This way people will get services they can choose from vis-à-vis physicians, insurance, treatments and more.   There is a very real technological challenge involved in achieving this due to the country’s uncodified medical databases, but if the technology is developed it could be a game changer.

Mozes Konig – who in the past had to work out some issues with Interpol – believes that this kind of medical technology could be one of the best investments anyone could make right now.

About James Cannon

James Cannon is an experienced hedge fund analyst. He has served on the advisory boards for various different Fortune 500 companies as well as serving as an adjunct professor of finance. James Cannon has written for a variety of Financial Magazines both on and off line. Contact James at james[at]businessdistrict.com