The IDT Energy Network

IDT Energy recently started the IDT Energy Network, empowering customers to benefit from the deregulation of energy supply in a new way. Their Partners can transform their energy bill from a liability into an asset by referring people in their social network to IDT Energy. When they do, they get paid!

With about 400,000 active customers, IDT Energy is one of the leading energy suppliers in the Northeast. However, with over 29 million homes and small businesses in the markets they serve, everyone can get involved. Company Chairman Howard Jonas understands what it means to work hard and to become an entrepreneur, with multiple companies now publicly-traded on the stock market. His goal is to create a movement that empowers people to build their own wealth on their own time, and gives them the opportunity to empower others to do the same.

Thanks to energy deregulation throughout the United States, more and more people have the chance to shop for and choose their energy supplier. Now, the IDT Energy Network takes customer benefits to a whole new level, where customers can get started by enrolling their own meters in the program, and getting paid for doing so. Partners earn more by encouraging others in their social circles to join the program too. By helping friends and neighbors to become customers and to switch their home or business electricity and natural gas to IDT Energy, IDT Energy Network partners grow their own energy supply business. They will continue to earn money from each customer they enroll and from Partners who enroll and sign-up their own meters as well.

Through the IDT Energy Network, IDT Energy is sharing a piece of the growing pie while helping people to get the best out of the electricity and natural gas choices that they make. It’s a win-win situation for so many who may be looking to make extra spending cash in their spare-time, part-time, or even full time.

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