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“What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?”

After 40 years on the market, the Klondike Choco Taco ice cream bar is being discontinued.

The company, which is owned by Unilever, explained that consumers have shown increased interest in many of its other products. In order to ensure enough supply of those items, Klondike has had to make significant decisions.

While the reasoning behind the decision is a positive one, nostalgic customers are disappointed. In addition to leaving a mix of disgruntled, funny, and emotional comments on Klondike’s Twitter account, fans have rushed to stores before it’s too late. Many shops have been bought out of Choco Taco.

If it is any consolation, Klondike has alluded that there is hope that the beloved ice cream bar will make its way back to ice cream trucks in the future. In the meantime, people can continue to enjoy the summer with the signature Klondike bar, as well as cones and shakes.

Unilever Buying Seventh Generation Green Products Brand

Unilever PLC, the European consumer products powerhouse, agreed to purchase Seventh Generation Inc, maker of environment-friendly detergents and household cleansers, for $700 million.

The London-based giant, known for its popular brands such as Dove soaps and Axe deodorants, is looking to gain a toe hold into the growing market for “natural” cleaning products. Unilever had been in preliminary talks with a different company, Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Actress Alba’s company claims to avoid any harsh chemicals in its cleaning products. Honest Co’s asking price was $1 billion, but the deal seems to have fallen through and is unlikely to happen.

Seventh Generation was founded in 1988 and is based in Vermont. The company has been growing steadily, and had sales of over $200 million last year. In 2007 an investment deal valued the company at $100 million.

“We look at this as having a multiplier effect for our business,” said Seventh Generation Chief Executive John Replogle, who will stay on to run the company. “We always aspired to be a billion-dollar brand. We see this as a springboard as opposed to throwing in the towel.”

Unilever The Giant Continues Onwards And UPwards

Unilever PLC (ULVR.L) is a consumer goods company that sells foods, personal care products, and home care products. Each product category is marketed under several brand names. The company is active in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. Unilever was founded in 1885 and we have all grown up with their products.

Here is some news about the company:

Unilever will be selling its Culver Specially Brands Division to B&G Foods, Inc. The brands include are: Static Guard branded anti-static spray, Mrs. Dash salt-free  seasoning blends, Bakers Joy branded baking spray, Sugar Twin branded sugar substitute, and Molly McButter branded flavored sprinkles.

Unilever has been recognized as the best employer in the Russian fast moving consumer goods section. These surveys were undertaken by the Surveys were carried out by the Changellenge Academy, the Future Today, the Finance University and the Universum which are respected Russian institutions.

By the way, the Unilever stock is going up and is near its 52 week high.

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