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Rescheduled Olympics Now In Doubt

One of the largest casualties of the coronavirus pandemic was the 2020 Summer Olympics, which had been scheduled to take place in Tokyo from July 24 to August 9. The competition has been rescheduled for this summer, but it is far from certain that it will go ahead as planned: According to Wall Street Journal, 80 percent of the Japanese public does not want the influx of foreign athletes and spectators at a time when Covid-19 cases have spiked in the country.

The athletes are ready, but is Japan?

Those concerns are exacerbated by the example set by the Australian Open tennis competition, currently underway in Melbourne. Competition organizers there have been criticized for allegedly putting profits ahead of public health by allowing foreign players into the country.

In addition, Yoshiro Mori, the head of Japan’s Olympic Committee, faced calls last weeks to resign after complaining that “talkative” women in sports organizations caused meetings tended to ‘drag on’.