PC Push?

Is the Personal Computer Being Pushed Out?

It seems like the PC is getting a bad rep and the once must-have asset is no longer.  Well, it’s not so black and white but things for sure are not looking great for PCs; at least, not like they were.  According to an article in ABC News, the entire PC industry may be “counting on a rescue from emerging markets and a late-to-the-party push into tablet computers.”

Both European and American PC markets are feeling the squeeze since people are making budget cuts and PCs maybe the first to go.  As well, since there seems to be new and more exciting (similar) gadgets on the market such as the iPad, which is another reason the PCs are going down the pan as it were.

PC Plus

Despite all this news, it’s not quite time to bury the PC in shame.  The bottom line is that it is still up there in the digital world, “powering e-commerce, social networking and more.”  Very few homes or offices these days are without one.  Indeed, sales of PCs are

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