Post-PC Era

Consequences for the Marketing World

If it is indeed true that we are entering the “post-PC era,” according to a recent article in ABC News, then we will be witnessing significant changes in marketing approaches and techniques vis-à-vis computers and other technical products now available.  Apparently though, while this is news now, a bunch of other tekkies were using the term somewhat prematurely for at least ten years; in other words, it wasn’t exactly the case that the PC was in a “post-era” way back when.

Now is the time though.  According to a Forrester Research analyst who has been investigating consumer technology evolution, Sarah Rotman Epps, “this is a time of intense change.  New competition for PC manufacturers makes it just really, really hard to make a profit.”  So, in order to make this profit, manufacturers of PCs are looking at other, new markets.  Sales need to be made, and if it means moving away from the traditional PC, then that is what will be done.

Intel’s Investors’ Conference

Recently, Intel held an investors’ conference.  There, Paul Otellini, CEO of the company, presented a map to everyone which outlined where expansion in the PC market is expected in the near future.  Europe and America weren’t exactly forefront in the picture.  Instead, it was countries like Brazil, China, India and Russia (BRIC countries) along with the Czech Republic, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey and Venezuela.  It is anticipated that all of these countries will go witness a “double-digit percentage growth.”

Marketing Abroad

What does this mean in practice?  According to ABC News, it indicates that “the world’s leading computer chip-maker and its industry allies have no choice but to launch a marketing attack on foreign shores.”  The question on everyone’s lips though still remains, why are sales of PCs diminishing so much in countries like America?  Apparently it is because “the same technological advances that fueled the PC industry’s rise — faster processors and lower costs every couple of years — are now benefiting the devices that are usurping it.”  These days there are smaller gadgets available to do the same things only PCs could do some years ago, so why not purchase those instead?

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