How to Find a Financial Adviser

Managing your finances comes naturally to some; to others it’s a real struggle. If you’re not someone who is naturally savvy with investing or finances, you might consider hiring a financial adviser. But is this an appropriate thing to do for your age bracket and your financial bracket?

When Is the Time Right to Hire an Adviser?

Certainly, anyone and everyone could use financial assistance. Realistically, however, hiring someone can be time consuming and expensive. It’s important, therefore, to do a cost/benefit analysis for yourselves and to see if it’s really time to hire someone. Some of the reasons that you might consider hiring an adviser include that you feel lost with your finances and want a more clear understanding of your financial future; you don’t want to have to deal with this aspect of your life by yourself; or you believe you could benefit from the experience and expertise of a third-party.

How Do Financial Advisers Help?

Many people who use financial advisers report that they help you to stay on track. You have a financial goal for yourself, but it’s not always easy to stick to that goal. A study from John Hancock showed that 70% of people who work with an adviser end up staying on track or even getting ahead with their retirement savings while only 33% of people who save without an adviser do so. In addition to keeping you on track, advisers can help you to rebalance how you’ve set up your savings plan, to reorganize your investments and so much more.

How Can You Find a Personal Adviser?

There are many ways to find the right adviser for your needs. You can ask friends who already have advisors who they recommend. You can look for third-party reviews, such as this review of Fisher Investments. These types of reviews are quite comprehensive and can give you a general indication of the company’s size, its assets under management, the adviser’s services and the fees that they charge.

What Other Benefits Do They Offer?

There are clearly benefits beyond just the numbers to working with a financial adviser. They help to get rid of some of the stress in your life by doing the work for you. Rather than worrying about your finances and trying to solve this piece of your life puzzle by yourself, they take this burden from you. Just as you don’t try to fix your car without consulting with a mechanic, or your heart without consulting with a doctor, you can seek a professional for your financial needs.

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