Grill Sales Cool as Americans Approach July 4th

As Americans approach July 4th, the grill market is experiencing a cooling trend following the pandemic-era buying surge. Market leaders like Traeger have reported significant declines in sales, with the company’s latest quarter grill sales dropping to $76.8 million from $156.1 million in Q2 2021.

Major retailers, including Home Depot, have noted a drop in the purchase of big-ticket outdoor items, including grills. Local stores are also feeling the impact.

The slowdown is attributed to several factors, including inflated meat prices, high interest rates, and economic uncertainty. Many consumers who purchased grills during the pandemic lockdowns see no need to upgrade their relatively recent acquisitions.

Despite the sales slump, grill ownership remains high. The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association reports that 80% of U.S. homeowners owned a grill or smoker in 2023, up from 64% in 2019.

Retailers are employing various strategies to reignite demand, including targeting first-time homeowners with affordable options and hosting cooking demonstrations. However, analysts note that creating demand in a slow-growth industry remains challenging.

While the grill market struggles, the tradition of outdoor cooking persists. The average cost of a Fourth of July cookout for 10 guests has risen to $71.22, up 5% from last year and 30% from 2019. Despite this increase, many Americans continue to uphold their grilling traditions, demonstrating the resilience of this summer pastime.

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