A Friends-Krispy Kreme Partnership

Krispy Kreme is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the sitcom “Friends” with a new range of themed doughnuts. Much to the disappointment of US fans, however, these treats are exclusively available in the UK and Ireland. This decision has sparked a wave of frustration on social media, with many expressing their annoyance and confusion.

The move underscores the impact of promotional items on brand visibility. Krispy Kreme’s CEO Josh Charlesworth highlighted in a recent earnings call that such innovations are key to keeping the brand fresh and exciting. He pointed out that special doughnut offerings have previously driven significant consumer traffic, citing examples like Valentine’s Day and eclipse-themed promotions.

Fans took to Instagram to voice their displeasure and ask that the doughnuts be made available in the United States.

The “Friends” doughnut range includes flavors like “Friends,” a chocolate glazed doughnut with the show’s iconic fountain image, and “Trifle,” a strawberry and custard-filled doughnut inspired by a memorable episode where Rachel attempys to make dessert. Other flavors include “How You Doin?” and “We were on a Coffee Break,” each referencing key moments from the show.

Krispy Kreme has previously launched US-exclusive collaborations, such as the Southern Sweets Doughnut Collection with Dolly Parton. When asked if the “Friends” doughnuts would be released in the US, a Krispy Kreme representative declined to comment, stating there was “nothing additional to share at this time.”

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