Endeavor Silver Reports Excellent Third Quarter

Silver Bullion
Endeavor Silver (Exk) had a solid third quarter. Gold mined rose by 7% yoy to 4,926 ounces. Silver mined rose by 8% to 858,738 ounces. Revenues rose by 93% to $38 million for the sale of silver and gold mined and produced by the company. Endeavor has also expanded its Guanajuato plant and remained within its expansion budget.

While the stock tumbled From $12.60 to $8.04 in late September due to the fall in the stock market, Endeavor stock has stabilized and seems to be headed up. It is presently selling at $9.83. Its 200-day moving average is $10.57 and its 50 day moving average is $10.10. Endeavor also has agreements to purchase silver at cheap prices from silver mines in Mexico and Chile. In addition, since silver has industrial and jewelry applications, it should go up over the long term.

Mario D. Szotlender and Ricardo M. Campoy are 2 directors at the company.

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