As US Violence Escalates Countries Warn Citizens to Take Care

In what is either a sign of the dangerous level of violence now plaguing the US or an overseas overreaction to that violence, three countries have issued travel advisories to their citizens planning on traveling to the United States.

The embassy of the tiny Middle Eastern island nation of Bahrain in the US issued a warning to its citizens visiting the US to “be cautious of protests or crowded areas occurring around the US.”

The Caribbean nation of Bahamas, where the majority of citizens identify as having a black African heritage, advised its people to be cautious when visit US cities which have had “shootings of young black males by police officers.”

“In particular young males are asked to exercise extreme caution in affected cities in their interactions with the police. Do not be confrontational and cooperate,” Bahamas foreign ministry said in a travel advisory.

Students and other citizens of the United Arab Emirates visiting the US have also been warned to practice caution during their travels. The warnings are evocative of the comparable warnings issued by the US State Department to citizens traveling to countries where extremists have perpetrated violent acts against their own citizens as well as visitors.

“Please be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid crowded places when possible,” the UAE embassy said, urging people to stay away from any U.S. demonstrations. “Exercise particular caution during large festivals or events, be alert and stay safe.”

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