Giant Recall of Half-Million Hoverboards Sends Industry Reeling

Hoverboards, the extraordinarily lazy persons’ answer to skateboards, are dangerous, at least according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. The commission said that they know of at least 99 reports of overheating of the lithium-ion battery packs overheating, sparking, smoking, catching on fire, and then finally, exploding.

They added that a minimum of 18 injuries have been reported. Included in those injuries are neck burns, legs and arm burns, and more. There has also been damage to property.

The recall will include about 501,000 hoverboards distributed by 10 companies. Some of those companies are Powerboard, Airwalk and iMoto.

The announcement urges consumers to immediately refrain from using their hoverboards and to contact the recalling company at once. Depending on the model the company will either fully refund the purchase price, repair the board for free, or replace it free of charge.

The boards were all manufactured in China. They were sold all over the US in stores and on-line between June 2015 and May 2016. They ranged in price from $350 to $900.

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