Working with HSBC: Mozes Victor Konig Discusses the Benefits

HSBC has been established for close to two-and-a-half centuries.  Since its founding in 1865 by Scottish-born Thomas Sutherland in Hong Kong, it has taken a simple but sound journey to become the banking corporation it is today.

With the initial idea coming from Sutherland’s belief that local businesses needed “better banking facilities,” Sutherland simultaneously had the bank supporting international trade. 

“That was his genius,” believes Mozes Victor Konig, an investor and supporter of HSBC banking.  “When you understand that both local and global needs have to be met simultaneously, then you’re already half way to success,” he adds.

HSBC had a very fast transition from local to international.  Within a month, a branch was opened in Shanghai and four months later, one in London in an effort to exchange operations in the East as well as train junior bankers.

Today HSBC supports over 40 million customers spanning 64 countries and territories worldwide.

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