The Trucking Trade Keeps Getting Bigger

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, surface-transportation trade between the United States, Canada and Mexico has increased 18.3% in August since last year, totaling $80.4 billion.

In fact, this is the second time since its inception that the U.S.-NAFTA measure exceeded $80 billion in a single month. Trade in 2011 has reached $596.5 billion as of November 1st.

Surface transportation throughout North America consists mainly of freight transports by truck, train, rail, pipeline, mail and Foreign Trade Zones. In August, 86% if U.S. trade with Canada and Mexico was transported over land by American, Canadian and Mexican trucking companies, 9.6% via vessel and 4.4% by air.

According to, the Research and Innovative Technology Administration reported: “NAFTA trade rose 48.2% in two years from August 2009 and 11.3% in three years from August 2008.”

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