Tesla CEO Elon Musk Demonstrates Ease of Refueling the Model S

Tesla Electric Car
Tesla Model S Has a Frunk (Trunk in Front)

In the Los Angeles design studio of Tesla Motors, a crowd of local owners of one of the top electric cars around today, Tesla’s Model S, is ready to see a unique demonstration of the powers of their car.

Onto the stage outfitted with wheel guides and a pit like the kind you see in a Jiffy Lube shop rolled the Tesla electric car. At precisely the same moment a live video feed of an Audi pulling into a traditional gas station appeared on a big screen next to the Tesla Model S. On screen a timer starts counting off the seconds while the Audi’s driver begins to pump gas into his car and robot arms under the stage begins to change the Model S’s batter pack.

By the time the counter gets to 93 seconds the Model S is done, rolls off the stage, and another Model S pulls over the pit and begins to have his batter changed as well. Meanwhile the Audi is still pumping gas. Another 91 seconds pass and the second Model S finishes having its battery changed just as the Audi’s gas tank reaches its capacity 20 gallons.

This demonstration, which shows just one of the ways how electric cars work, is convincing evidence of the electric car’s worthiness. At the end of the demonstration CEO Elon Musk commented:

“There are people that take a lot of convincing. Hopefully, this is what will finally convince people that electric cars are the future.”

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