Target Corp Is Right on Target

Target Corp. is the second largest discount retailer in America, second only to Walmart. Target is number 33 in the Fortune 500 and is one of the Standard and Poor’s 500 index stocks.

This retail chain has almost 110 years of retail experience and asset acquisition. Today, the chain has over 1,490 stores. In addition, it has purchased leaseholds for Canadian stores and expects to open 100 to 150 stores in Canada by 2014.

What is interesting about Target is how they have organized their business into subsidiaries. They have:

A subsidiary for retail and financial services. It has a bank for business, issues credit cards, debit card, check cards and gift cards.

A subsidiary for purchasing merchandise from around the world for Target. The company deals with quality control, buying and shipping issues.

A subsidiary dealing with Target Corporation’s store brands. There are over 800 products in 40 product categories that carry private brands.

A subsidiary to manage and perform all of Target’s e-commerce activities.

Each company is focused on its own particular niche of making Target Corporation work smoothly.  Each subsidiary is accountable and management is able to focus on its own individual mission without getting lost in this huge corporation.

Some of the managers and officers at Target are: Stacia Andersen, Carmela Batacchi, Jane  Windmeier,  Jodeen A. Kozlak, Tina M. Schiel, Kathryn A. Tesija, Laysha L. Ward,  Douglas A. Scovanner and Janna Adair-Potts.

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