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Michael Antonov

Dedication of New Facility for the University of Maryland: Michael Antonov Speech

We all understand that the future will focus on technology. Whether this means finding better avenues for cybersecurity, researching computational biology or discovering new ways to use virtual and augmented reality, the future is in these fields. The University of Maryland certainly understands that and has recently opened a new center called The Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering.

The opening ceremony took place on April 27, 2019 and included Larry Hogan, the Governor of Maryland;  Mike Miller, the President of Maryland State Senate; Brendan Iribe, Co-Founder of Oculus; Michael Antonov, UMD Alumnus and Co-Founder of Oculus and many others.

The Iribe Center brings together the Department of Computer Science and the Institute for Advanced Computer Sciences under one umbrella with a six-floor building of labs, classrooms, auditoriums, offices and more. It allows students and faculty to expand their research and education in fields that include robotics, computer vision, machine learning, data science, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

The facility was made possible with the generosity of a few key donors including Oculus Co-Founders Brendan Iribe and Michael Antonov. In this video, Michael Antonov shares his heartfelt excitement about the new center and the vision he has for its future use and application.

Certainly, this new center paves the way for the future of technology and allows those in the field to expand their research capabilities and to lead us into the technology-based future that awaits us.