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Potential History in the Making for Conduit

The Israel start-up, Conduit, could soon make history.  That’s because they are currently negotiating a sale that would, if completed, be the biggest sale of an Internet firm in Israeli history.

Conduit is considered to be one of the most promising high tech companies in Israel.  Founded in 2005, they create platforms for browser toolbars and applications. Their products enable companies and individuals to create personalized toolbars, and their clients range from small stores to singer Rihanna, and even to the NBA.

Conduit has 250 employees in its Nes Tziona center, 100 of whom were hired just in the last year.  In 2010, they had revenues of $300 million

Conduit has turned down previous buyout offers, including one that was for $100 million.  They have an impressive 230 million users of their products. Shaul Olmert, the Chief Marketing Officer at Conduit, points out that this number represents half the number of Facebook users, and more users than those that use LinkedIn and Twitter.  He also points out that Conduit is more profitable than any of these other companies.