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New Study Ranks Indian Cities For Business Growth Potential

With well over 1 billion people living within its borders it is no wonder that India is a powerhouse of economic development. The non-profit organization Global Initiative for Restructuring Environment and Management recently ranked India’s cities based on such parameters as human capital, energy, water, transport, healthcare, climate, office space availability, city culture and more in order to guide businesses to the best cities to grow their businesses.

Ranked numbers one, two and three were Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai, out of a list of 21. According to a statement which was released along with the study the factors which decided the rankings constitute basic eco-socio-economic elements which are essential to predict the growth of a city.

“While popular destinations such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune continue to occupy top positions, the ranking revealed some unexpected contenders in the top 10 league including Indore, Bhubaneshwar, Kochi, Coimbatore and Nagpur,” the statement said.

Another purpose of the ranking was to establish which cities will continue to develop in the future as today’s largest cities reach their saturation points.

“Rapid and unplanned urbanization in the country over the past few decades has led to unprecedented job demand. Job creation is a crucial answer to this challenge which calls for the pressing need to develop new industrial townships and business districts to ease the pressure from the already saturated business destinations,” the organization’s Chairman Sankey Prasad said.