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Mitek Revolutionizing The Financial Services Industry

Mitek Systems Inc. (MITK) has come out with a great system for depositing checks via the iPhone.  The company is of course thinking much bigger than this and is integrating smart phone technology into the financial service industry. There are many uses for this kind of technology. The Mobile Receipt technology can also take pictures of receipts and convert the information into expense reports. The Mobil Phax technology lets you photograph a full size page and send it as a fax. There are more services available and I am sure that as time goes on, more and more services will be developed.
What about marketing these iPhone, banking products? So far seven of the top ten banks in the United States are using Mitek technology. In this last quarter, new customer signings have more than doubled, reaching 181 banks and financial organizations. Some of the client organizations are Charles Schwab, Fidelity, Capital One, and PayPal. Charles Schwab reported that in the first 6 months of use, mobile check deposits increased from zero to forty percent of all bank deposits. Mitek is changing the financial world very quickly.
Some of the managers and  directors of Mitek are Dr. Grigori Neponmniachtchi, Josh Roach, John M. Thornton, Drew Hyatt, James B. DeBello, Sally B. Thornton, William P. Tudor, and Russell C. Clark.