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McDonald’s Opens Automated Test Restaurant

In today’s exciting world of advanced technology, we are constantly being introduced to new concepts and developments. As innovative thought is far-reaching into all fields, it is no surprise that the food industry is also coming out with progressive ideas and designs.

McDonald’s, one of the world’s most profitable franchises, has set off on a new endeavor. The fast-food chain has opened its first flagship automated restaurant aimed at eating on the go. The goal is to minimize the amount of human presence, and to use robots or machinery where possible.

At the new Texas location near Fort Worth, customers can either pre-order on the app or make their selections at a kiosk inside. While there are some staff members in the kitchen to prepare the meals, there is no need to employ workers to man the register or hand out the orders. A robot distributes the orders at the pick-up counter or drive-thru window. The physical restaurant is significantly smaller than most McDonald’s chains, as it is designed primarily for takeout orders.

According to franchisee Keith Vanecek, “The technology in this restaurant not only allows us to serve our customers in new, innovative ways, it gives our restaurant team the ability to concentrate more on order speed and accuracy, which makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone.”

While some have applauded the potential improvements to the ordering process, others have expressed concern about the number of layoffs that the shift to automated systems will inevitably cause. Only time will tell if this new system is efficient, and how it impacts the amount of manpower needed.

EnviroStar, An Interesting Business Model

EnviroStar, Inc. has two separate divisions. One division markets industrial and commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment, steam systems, and replacement parts. It sells dry cleaning machines, clothing presses, sorting conveyors, washers, dryers, coin operated machines, automatic sheet and towel folders, stackers etc.

EnviroStar’s second division is called Dryclean USA and is a dry-cleaning franchise. Both divisions operate in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. One of the things that I like about this company is that both divisions are closely related and help each other. The dry cleaning franchise division  obviously buys machinery from the equipment supply division. The equipment supply division can gain valuable feedback and ideas about its products from the franchise division.

The company has a very solid balance sheet and income statement. It has a return on assets (ROA) of 5.75% and a Return on equity of 7.71%.

The main managers of this company are: Michael S. Steiner, the CEO; Lloyd Frank, director, and Venerando J. Indelicato, the CFO.

Disclaimer: The information in these articles is general information and should not be the basis for investment decisions. All decisions should be based on a thorough analysis of the specific investment.