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Upcoming Conference in Hong Kong

For those in the financial sector and interested in Latin American fixed-income securities and other investment opportunities, this upcoming conference is worth a look. The Latin America Asia Fixed Income Workshop will take place on May 26, 2015 in Hong Kong at the Grand Hyatt. The conference has been launched in close connection with the Development Bank of Latin America and plans to connect Asian portfolio investors with Latin American corporate and other issuers.

Certainly, this could be an interesting opportunity for companies with interest in Latin America. Latam Securities for instance, with Jorge Pepa and Diego Marynberg, purchases and sells corporate and sovereign debt and equity securities. They also provide investment advisory services to institutional investors about investments in fixed-income securities in the US and in foreign markets.

Another company that could benefit from such a conference is the US power company ContourGlobal. They are planning to expand their wind operations in Brazil, Peru and Chile and are looking for new opportunities all the time. As the ContourGlobal executive vice-president and CEO for Latin America Alessandra Marinheiro said, “These markets are becoming very attractive and aligned with our strategy.”

Confirmed speakers for the conference include Gabriel Felpeto, Director of Financial Policy and International Issuances, CAF; Marco Aurélio Crocco Afonso, President, Minas Gerais Development Bank (MGDB);  Hugo Sarmiento, CFO, CAF; and Rogerio Sobreira, Director – Credit and Risk, Minas Gerais Development Bank (MGDB).