Safety With Johnson and Johnson

With all the talk of placing investments in currency instead of company stocks there is one thought that most investors are not thinking about right now.  There is panic and so investors are trying to find the safe haven where they can leave their money.  Currencies like the Franc and Australian Dollar might be good in the short term, but these countries don’t want a lopsided exchange, so expect an intervention soon to close the difference.  If that happens those investments will be lost.

So Where to Invest?

One must think calmly and invest long term.  Multinationals seem to be a good long term bet.  Have they gone down? Yes, but that is to be expected since almost everything is going down in the short term.  When the dust settles these stocks will be stable and perhaps safer over 3-6 month range.

Take a loom at Johnson & Johnson stock over the last 6 months:

johnson and johnson stocks

Over the last 6 months there have been ups and downs but moreover they have been safe and up. These types of companies won’t make an investor rich over night, but are the kind of stock that remains more or less stable in the storm the finance world now finds itself in.

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