McDonald’s Planning to Shine Up their Tarnishing Golden Arches

As business at McDonald’s plummets the globally ubiquitous fast food chain is looking for ways to halt the downward spiral and retrieve a bit of their former glory. Sales are in the doghouse, and increased competition from fast-casual restaurants is making it even harder for McDonald’s to get back on track. In addition, McDonald’s is dealing with worker unrest and trouble from the franchises. McDonald’s announced this week a 3.3 percent decline in sales last quarter.

CEO Don Thompson is ready with a plan of action to turn his brand around.

•    Create menus more in tune with the local consumer
•    Lose some menu items: this reduces waiting times and improves the worker environment
•    Allow customers to personalize their food
•    Get there reputation as unhealthy and bad for the environment rehabilitated

McDonald's will need to make some changes to preserve their market share
McDonald’s will need to make some changes to preserve their market share

“Conveying the facts and adjusting misperceptions about the freshness, quality and integrity of our ingredients appeals to our customers and supports the work we’re doing to offer greater menu choice,” Thompson said.

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