Hobart Group & West Taihu Lake Science and Technology Industrial Zone Agreement

Hobart Group, founded by Professor Shlomo Ben Haim, has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the West Taihu Lake Science and Technology Industrial Zone. Working together, they will establish the Israel Life Science Park.

Shlomo Ben Haim brings years of experience to the table, as a professor of Medicine and Physics. He has previously been a Medical, Physiology, and Biophysics Professor at Harvard University and at the Israel Institute of Technology. He has published more than 100 academic papers and he has more than 500 patents for inventions. Hobart Group, which he founded, today has hundreds of engineers, scientists and business operations experts and is a leading medical group. They focus on advanced technology fields including cardiac diseases, diabetes, oncology and more.

The Changzhou West Taihu Lake Science and Technology Industrial Zone (WEZ) is located at the southern part of Jiangsu Province and provides manufacturing solutions for overseas companies. For more information about the partnership and about Professor Shlomo Ben Haim, the original article in Chinese can be of assistance.

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