Funniest Commercials of 2011 Announced

The Turner Broadcasting System announced their picks for this year’s funniest commercials. Included in the top three were ads for Cravendale milk, which was the winner; second place for the Norwegian bank DnB NOR called “Finally Married,” and in third place for Vigorsol gum called “Air Action.”

This year’s funniest commercials are featured as part of a special program which showed last week called “Funniest Commercials of the Year” hosted by actor Isiah Mustafa, who himself appeared in a popular Old Spice commercial.

Participants were invited to watch and then vote for their favorite commercial on TBS’s website The ten ads that received the most votes were then shown on the program.

The first place ad was for Cravendale Milk, which imagined what might happen if cats developed opposable thumbs. Cats would of course read books called “Military Strategy,” take up embroidery, and most important, would be able to unlock your screen door and march in and demand some milk.

“Cats with Thumbs” was created by the advertising agency Weiden + Kennedy .

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