Emirates Airlines Is Taking Off

The Emirates airlines in Dubai is a government owned airline which plans to be the major travel hub in the Middle East. It will  connect the Middle East to Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. It has just ordered 50 Boeing 777’s which is the largest order that Boeing has ever had. The total list price is 18 billion dollars but the Emirates will probably receive a large discount because it has such a large order.

Emirate Airlines reported a $225 million profit for the first half of its financial year. This is less than the profit from the same period last year.

Boeing is currently producing 7 Boeing 777’s per year and intends to increase production to get up to 8.3 planes per year.

The management of Emirates Airlines includes: Adel Ahmad Al Redha, Gary Chapman, Abdulaziz Al Ali, Ismail Ali Albanna, Ali Mubarak Al Soori, Sir Maurice Flanagan.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is incomplete as a basis for investment decisions. All investment decisions should only be made after a thorough analysis of the investment.

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