Business Tip: Leave New Jersey and Move to Utah

According to Wallethub, six out of the ten top US cities to start a small business are situated in Utah. The financial review and advice website looked at over 1,300 small American cities to see which of them create an excellent environment for small business growth and success. The website looked at 20 parameters to determine overall scores: accessible financing, human-resource availability, workforce education levels, office space costs, labor costs and others.

Here is the list of the ten top cities, and guess what? None of them are on the East or West coast.

  • St. George, Utah
  • Cedar City, Utah
  • Williston, North Dakota
  • Washington, Utah
  • Logan, Utah
  • Aberdeen, South Dakota
  • Midvale, Utah
  • Fort Meyers, Florida
  • Clearfield, Utah
  • Bozeman, Montana

We will not list the ten worst cities, but it is enough to say that five of the ten are in New Jersey, and the other five are not all that far away in Connecticut, Maryland and Massachusetts.

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