Brisbane Ranks Most Expensive for Business Travelers

Brisbane, Australia

According to research conducted by Concur, a provider of travel and expense management solutions, Brisbane, Australia is the world’s most expensive city for business travelers.

The recently published “Expense IQ Report,” which examines the habits of business travelers, collected information from $50 billion worth of last year’s expense reports from US-based companies.

Concur’s report took a look at several main expenses incurred by business travelers: dining, entertainment, ground transportation, and lodging.

When evaluated together Brisbane, a city on the east coast of Australia, ranked at the top of the list, with a total average spending cost of $547.53. London filled the 5th most expensive city spot, while Dubai, UAE was in the tenth position at a cost of $455.93.

If domestic cities had been included in the survey then New York would have filled the ninth place with average spending equaling $476.
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