Aware Inc. Biometrics Helps Cambridge

Aware Inc. (AWRE) has four product areas which include: Biometrics, DSL Service Assurance, Medical Imaging and Advanced Imaging. Aware supplies technology and software for the telecommunications, healthcare and biometrics industries. The biometrics products includes software which helps government agencies in law enforcement, secure credentials, border management and national defense. Aware’s DSL provides diagnostic software for broadband providers to run their networks.

Recently the Biometrics division supplied Cambridge University’s international English exam group with a verification solution based on a biometrics software solution. The solution called “Identica,” enables the examiners to capture the facial images of the person taking the exam. Later, when the person presents his test certificate, the  organization can get the facial image to verify that it is the same person who took the test. This is necessary when assessments are needed for visas, citizenship requests and many other applications.

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