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IMF Warns of Global Economic Slowdown

The International Monetary Fund is warning that the risk of a global financial crash is on the rise due to China’s economic slowdown and a concomitant decline in world trade. This double-headed decline has the effect of de-stabilizing emerging economies which are burdened with large debt.

The IMF, the Washington-based lender of last resort, explained that because of the large scale borrowing by emerging market countries with debts which are highly susceptible to increased interest rates, policymakers need to act fast to strengthen the financial system.

The cautionary statements come after a difficult summer of global market chaos caused by China’s currency devaluation, instituted to increase its export flow. That action set off a panic reaction in world-wide markets, which crashed. Investors suddenly understood the real meaning of China’s economic slowdown.

Earlier in the week the IMF lowered its prediction for global growth in 2015 down to 3.1 percent. That number is the smallest since the low point of the 2009 downturn.