Richard Rothberger

Richard Rothberger was appointed Corporate Executive VP and CFO of Scripps Health in 2001, bringing to the roles more than 30 years of experience in the field. With these titles, Rothberger leads the company in the following areas: corporate finance; treasury; financial and capital planning; payer contracting; revenue cycle; supply chain; real estate and construction, and financial operations for all operating entities within the company.  As well, he has engineered a $120 million financial turnaround from operations, placing the company in the right environment to achieve maximum. Rothberger has guided Scripps Health away from risk contracting; enhanced top line revenue through improved coordination of system wide contracting efforts; escalated cash; decreased days in accounts receivable by 30 percent; been in charge of the sale of two skilled nursing facilities and non-core real estate to infuse cash into the system. This has enabled the company to develop its balance sheet; advance its credit ratings; borrow a further $370 million and invest in campus improvements, employees and medical group expansion.

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