Internet Marketing Takes Advantage of Global Village

Court Conningham, CEO of Yodle, Reviews the World of Local Internet Advertising

In the most general terms, internet marketing is the selling of products and/or services over the World Wide Web, or internet. The term also includes sales done through email and any other wireless media.

There are many companies engaged in this approach to advertising and marketing, and the number is constantly growing. In the case of companies like Karmasnack, Server Side Design and Yodle, reviews suggest that business is booming.

Every internet marketing company has its own style and business model which include strategies and methods designed specifically with the latest technologies and trends in mind. Some marketers specialize in the “one-to-one” approach in which the marketer targets a particular user who is browsing the internet so that the message reaches the surfer in a more personal way.

Some marketers prefer, or concentrate on niche marketing, geo-targeting, or the appeal to well-defined, specific interests that a user has. All these methods have advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to the marketer and his client to decide which methods are the correct ones to get the best results.

In the 1970s Marshall McLuhan coined the term “Global Village,” envisioning a time in the future when people in vastly different locations would nevertheless be intimately connected to each other. With the rise of the internet and its influence on just about every aspect of our lives, it is safe to say that McLuhan’s prediction has come true. Today we live in a global village. It is possible for consumers in one part of the world to make purchases with incredible ease just about anywhere in the world. As the world in this sense shrinks, internet marketers will continue to take advantage of the power of the internet to find consumers anywhere on the globe.

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