World Fuel Services Continues To Grow!

World Fuel Services markets land, aviation and marine fuel products at over 6000 locations in more than 200 countries. It sells to tanker truck loading terminals, fuel storage centers, seaports and airports.

World Fuel Services has had growing profits for the last 13 quarters, since 2008. In the second quarter of2011, the marine service division had a gross profit increase of 17% to $50,700,000 year over year. The aviation division had a gross profit increase of 55% to $82,000,000 and the land service division had a whopping 182% increase since last year to $32,400,000.

The stock has managed to hold its own over the last year in spite of market volatility. The company also regularly pays quarterly dividends which helps investors’ liquidity.

The management team works successfully together. There is also a positive management change underway. The present CEO, Paul H. Stebbins will be transferring all of his energies to serve as Executive Chairman. Michael J. Kasbar, who has been with the company since 1995, will be promoted from Chief Operating Officer to CEO. Ira M. Birns, CFO, Michael S. Clementi, President of the Aviation division, Francis X. Shea, Executive VP, R. Alexander Lake, Senior VP and General Counsel, and Paul M. Nobel, Senior VP and Chief Accounting officer will all continue in their current positions.

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