Westwood Country’s Most Expensive College Town

The area of Los Angeles where UCLA resides, known as Westwood, is the costliest college town in the United States, in terms of the cost of housing according to a recent report.

The average cost of a three- bedroom, two-bath home in Westwood costs $1.27 million. Compare that with the nation’s cheapest college town, Memphis, the home of the University of Memphis, where the average price of a three bedroom home is just under $90,000.

According to the College Home Listing Report, based on a survey of 117 of the 120 “football subdivision schools”, two thirds of the towns in the survey offered homes for under $200,000.

“I love the College Home Listing Report because it highlights the amazing affordability of the college towns that define the fabric of America,” said Coldwell Bank CEO Jim Gillespie.

“Our report underscores the home ownership opportunities in many of these vibrant, affordable communities that are known for their high energy, educational systems and often stable job markets.”

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