Watson Pharmaceuticals Just Keeps Going Up


Helping Your Health

Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc. (WPI) is a company specializing in urology and women’s health pharmaceutical products. The company sells both generic brands as well as name brands. Women’s health care comprises many different diseases which of course requires many types of medicines. Watson has three segments: Global Brands, Global Generics, and the distribution segment. One of the benefits of producing generic medicine is that as soon as the original patent expires, the well tested and well used drug can be manufactured by anyone and with no R&D costs. The company provide medications for a wide variety of health conditions so there is great demand for its products.

The amazing thing about this stock is that for the last two years it has been going up at a steady pace. It has been essentially unaffected by the market ups and downs. It’s the old story: People will always get sick and will always need medical cures.

Some of the directors and management staff  are  Sigurdur Oli  Olafsson, Charles M. Mayr, and Michael J. Fedida.

As with all investment decisions, purchasers should thoroughly investigate the stock before purchasing and should follow the stock every day.

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