United Realty Capital Markets Forms as Part of United Realty

In recent news, United Realty with President Eli Verschleiser has created a section called United Realty Capital Markets. Headed by Barry Funt, this new section of their investment shop is a real estate investment banking firm that will assist clients with a large spectrum of real estate financing needs.

Together, United Realty Partners was formed in January of 2012 by Eli Verschleiser and Jacob Frydman. Based in New York, they advise on, and also invest in, commercial real estate projects that are in specific markets with growing populations and household incomes.  Mr. Verschleiser and Mr. Frydman are responsible for more than $7 billion in commercial real estate transactions and bring years of experience and expertise to the field.

As the PRNewsWire about the new venture explains, “Mr. Funt, who has more than 20 years experience in execution, structuring, underwriting, pricing, placement and oversight, will work directly with United Realty’s founders Jacob Frydman and Eli Verschleiser.”

This new division will help clients to line up both debt and equity capital and to advise clients on their structured-financing options.  Funt has already started to hire an experienced team and will continue doing so in the coming year.

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