Tsakos Is Ready To Ship Out

Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited is a favorite company of world renowned investor George Soros. The company has a negative p/e ratio. George Soros group bought 11,000 shares of the stock in the second quarter and since then it has gone down from about $10 to $5.92. I see that over the last three years, the company has had lower profits each year. I it still making money for sure and is not terribly in debt.

I think that the Soros Group did not expect it to go down or they would have waited to buy it.  Its true that it is near the bottom because there is only 5 more points to go down until bankruptcy. Why is George Soros holding onto this stock? Perhaps he expects it to go up as the economy turns around. The company is basically sound.

D. John Stavropoulos and Francis T. Nusspickel are among the officers who make the company go.

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