Top Trends in Southeast Asia for 2013

Investments in Asia are becoming more and more widespread as the region’s economy shows significant signs of growth. Financial services firms and investment fund management companies like Oasis Investments Limited are keeping their finger on the pulse of this year’s Asia investment trends.

The first is the emerging Yuan bloc. 2012 showed growth in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, while the end of the year boasted a significant currency correlation to the Chinese Yuan as opposed to the United States dollar. This relationship will continue to evolve throughout 2013.

Next, property values in Singapore are rising rapidly. Regulations in the region have failed to cause significant changes in lending standards, and interest rates on property are close to zero.

Furthermore, the recent drop in coal and iron prices have opened up opportunities for road, rail and port building near Myanmar, Cambodia, Northern Thailand and Vietnam. Many companies have invested in coal-producers throughout Asia, including China Shenhua Resources and Bumi Resources.

Demand for liquefied natural gas is also on the rise, prompting the U.S. and Canada to appoint massive LNG export points all across the Gulf Coast.


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