Focus on Companies: Tim Bolot and Bolt Partners

Tim Bolot founded Bolt Partners LLP in 2004 to help companies solve their most challenging business problems. Based in London, Bolt Partners consists of a close-knit team of highly experienced professionals with expertise in finance, accounting, strategy and operations.

Bolt Partners deals mainly with firms involved in healthcare, consumer goods and services, and professional and industrial services. Although based in England, Bolt Partners has an international reach through its affiliation with the United States-based company Healthcare Management Partners. The firm has consulted with some of the world’s largest companies in the UK and elsewhere.

Included among their clients are some of England’s most well-known healthcare providers; Queen Victoria Hospital, West Sussex Primary Care Trust, and Healthcare Management Partners are just a few of the many organizations which have worked together with Bolt to solve their business issues.

About Michelle Grathers

Michelle Grathers is an international tax expert. She has consulted for a variety of firms and high net worth individuals on all tax- and legal-related issues. She also helps new companies develop payroll services, statutory audits and mergers and acquisitions. Contact Michelle at michelle[at]