The Best Up and Coming Companies in America

Forbes Magazine recently published a list of what they believe to be America’s most exciting companies with the best potential for growth in the coming years. Forbes evaluated the companies for well-thought-out business models, great management teams, noteworthy customers, well-placed partners, and critical investment capital.

Diverse Group of Companies

Out of the list of 100 promising companies, about 90 have raised outside capital; 70 have a CEO who also founded the company; 12 have a CEO who is under the age of 35; and 7 still have not generated any revenue.

Good Eats

Heading the list is a company called Smashburger. Founded in 2007, Smashburger is

Smashburger Better Burger

headquartered in Denver and serves up some tasty burgers, including one with pastrami on the top. They now have 143 locations, half owned by the company and the other half franchised. By the end of 2011 they will have posted about $54 million in revenue, and they have an additional 450 franchise agreements already signed.

Easy Way to Pay

In second place is BOKU, a company which was started in 2008. Launched in 2008, their annual sales in 2010 reached $55 million. They create software that allows on-line sellers process payments with just the cell phone number of their customers; no credit card number needed. BOKU takes a small percentage of each transaction. Some of their larger customers include Facebook and Electronic Arts.

Ads as Entertainment

The Digital Broadcasting Group landed in third place. It was begun in 2006 and creates online videos which are really marketing devices in the guise of entertainment. The videos are produced for corporations and then well placed among a network of 2,600 websites. They also place traditional video ads. Among their customers so far are included Wal-Mart, American Express, Coca-Cola and Ford. The CEO of DBG, Chris Young sold another online video ad company, KlipMart, to Doubleclick in 2006.

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