The Art World’s Most Notable Players in 2015

Blouin Artinfo – “the preeminent global source for up-to-the-minute news, information, and expert commentary on art, artists, and the business and pleasure of making, buying, and understanding art” – just presented Part 1 of its Power 100 of 2015 Guide. To be included in this guide is to be part of something that is very well respected throughout the world by art lovers, connoisseurs, and collectors alike. There is a tremendous amount of prestige attached to those who make it to the list each year.

Indeed, Blouin Artinfo takes pride in providing those connected to the art industry with “up-to-the-minute news, information, and expert commentary on art, artists, and the business and pleasure of making, buying, and understanding art.” Included in the site is daily news and developments from art galleries, auction houses, museums and anywhere that art finds a home, from China to the UK, Spain, Europe and throughout North America.

So who made it to the list this year? Here we take a look at three of those art experts who have been privy enough to have been included in this year’s Power 100 Guide. These individuals stand out in 2015 as having “shaped the art trade and the larger world it serves.”

In alphabetical order we first have Ali Aboutaam, and his brother Hicham Aboutaam, antiquities second-generation dealers, the head of Phoenix Ancient Art that is based in both New York and Geneva. The Aboutaams have been recognized this year for expanding their horizons. A few months ago, they opened a second gallery space in Geneva, targeting the younger generation collectors, with the highest price on any item being $21,000. They have also spent time advancing their site, offering a “primer on ancient art along with well-provenanced works.” In addition, Hicham and Ali Aboutaam are in a partnership with Helly Nahmad, a New York gallerist, so that they can offer classical works paralleling classically inspired canvases at Nahmad’s Madison Avenue digs.

Second, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum Director Caroline Baumann made the list for her “three-year ground-up renovation that brought a sleepy institution into the 21st century.” She took the gallery from a somewhat awkward institution to a place that today, comprises “up-to-the-minute technology like touch-screen tables and a stylus.” This means visitors can save data on various holdings and set up their own virtual collections that they can then take home.

Finally, we look at the profile of Frederik Bruun Rasmussen, head of global sales strategy at Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers. A third-generation leader, Rasmussen has made serious inroads into the “expanded participation of foreign clients, building the United States into a key market, even as the firm controls costs by holding live sales only at its Copenhagen headquarters.” Indeed, starting in 2014, he concentrated his energies on strengthening Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers’ customer base and stepping up global visibility with exhibits of top works throughout some of the world’s most prestigious art centers, including London, New York and Paris.

These are just three of the art industry professionals who have made an impression on the art world in the last year. For the other 97, check out Blouin Atinfo’s Guide to the World’s Most Notable Players of 2015.

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