Tasty Reviews by HotBox By Wiz Tasters

While some businesses are having trouble staying on top of the COVID-19 situation, others have created an impressive new business model that is taking the market by storm. Wiz Khalifa has created a new delivery-only national restaurant chain called HotBox by Wiz that is offering deliveries from all of the major online ordering services. As they describe on their website, “We’re dishing out family favorites like mouth-watering wings, chili, and sandwiches…and even delicious healthier alternatives like the Grilled Salmon or Chicken Khalifa Bowl.”

A new video on Tasty, with Buzzfeed, offers a glimpse into the new menu and an honest review from real people. There are some great moments on the video, such as when one of the participants gives a review of the Mile High Dessert Brownie and says, “I don’t even really like brownies but that’s pretty good. I’m going to give this brownie the highest mark. A regular guy 8 and a high guy 27.”

It’s a fun watch with Tasty reviews on HotBox by Wiz’s many menu items. As one of the video participants explains, they offer small hits, big hits and healthy hits. After trying the Buffalo Mac Bites two of them say, “Can you really go wrong with fried mac and cheese? 10 out of 10. We would recommend this.”

For more details from the HotBox by Wiz samplers and their reviews, check out the video below.

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