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Zhone Technologies Partners With SRT Communications

Zhone Technologies, Inc, a global Internet network access leader announced that it will partner with SRT Communications to provide internet and telephone service during and after the tremendous flooding in Minot, North Dakota on August 22. SRT and Zhone have been experimenting with a potential partnership for a year. During the flooding emergency, they decided to try their technology under real-life emergency conditions. “Communications are critical in times of disaster, and Zhone worked with SRT quickly and efficiently to coordinate a new MXK deployment to restore service for the 3,000 Minot area customers affected,” said the SRT’s Network Technology Director, Shawn Grosz. “SRT’s dedication to its customers in the Minot area during the disaster sets a great example to the communications industry,” according to Zhone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Caskey.

Brian Caskey, the CMO, worked in global marketing for over 25 years before coming to work at Zhone in January, 2010. Mory Ejabat, Zhone’s chairman and CEO said that “Brian is results driven with a global mindset and the right mix of strategic vision and practical expertise.”

Zhone Technologies, Inc. markets its products to network service providers who provide data, voice, and video services to utilities, governments, businesses and residential consumers, and to telecommunications carriers. Zhone Technologies, Inc. has been serving the telecommunications industry since 1999. It has deployed over 2,000 of its IP MXK platforms to more than 150 service providers in more than 40 countries.