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Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim Offers Inventors Advice

In a recent edition of IP Pro Life Science Tammy Facey interviewed Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim of the Hobart Group to find out how he became such a successful entrepreneur. Entitled “Invent, Protect and Keep Going,” the article offers insights about the path that an entrepreneur might take and the skills needed to succeed in the business world.

When asked why he decided to become an entrepreneur, Shlomo Ben Haim responded that he never decided, per se, to become an inventor. Rather, he had a drive to make things better and he has always wanted to develop tools to help himself and his peers to improve how they treat patients.

Professor Ben Haim was asked what role patents and IP have played in the development of his companies and inventions. In response, Ben Haim said, “Intellectual property has always played a crucial role in the success of companies I co-founded. I consider IP an asset to advance my companies’ business goals. It is the heart of any licensing and mergers and acquisitions transaction, especially in the life science filed, which requires high investments.”

Asked specifically about cardiology and why it demands so much innovation, Professor Ben-Haim explained that this space demands innovation since they are dealing with the human body that no one fully understands. As he said, “The more we learn, the more new ideas are created on how to treat it.”

Certainly, anyone interested in becoming a prolific inventor like Professor Shlomo Ben Haim would appreciate advice. When asked how a new inventor could get his invention to be a success, he offered a number of suggestions. He said that people need to make sure there is a need for their invention in the market. If there is, the inventor should then protect the invention and use the resources available today. He explained that these include “technology transfer companies, online professional networks and expert advisers” to bring the idea to reality. He suggested that the inventor network in the relevant areas and he emphasized that the inventor should not discount his own perspectives.

For the full interview with Professor Shlomo Ben Haim see page 8 of IP Pro Life Sciences.